About Blackstone & Franklin Squares

Blackstone and Franklin Squares are located in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts. Charles Bullfinch, who created the plan for the South End, originally intended the two squares to be one, calling it Columbia Square. Franklin Square opened in 1849 and Blackstone Square subsequently opened in 1855.

Blackstone Square is located between West Brookline Street, Shawmut Avenue, West Newton Street and Washington Street and is roughly 105,000 square feet (2.4 acres) in size. Franklin Square, which is located across Washington Street to the south, is between East Brookline Street, James Street, East Newton Street and Washington Street.  It is roughly 105,200 square feet (2.4 acres). The squares are surrounded by a variety of uses which include; residential, educational, religious, commercial, and community support services.

An iron fence surrounds the perimeter of each square with entrances at the corners. There is also an entrance to Blackstone Square at the intersection of Pembroke Street and Shawmut Avenue and a fifth entrance to Franklin Square along Newton Street.